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Chandni Chowk, Delhi Central
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Another Exciting Spot In Delhi- OMAXE Chandini Chowk

It is known that New Delhi is the capital of India and it is one of the most important places of the country. It is the main hub of every important government and legal process. Not only is it the hub of official things, but it is also the most known tourist destination. Every tourist visiting India wants to see around the whole of Delhi and its culture. It has so many tourist spots, a variety of cuisines; people can’t leave Delhi without having the street food there, so many other things. Here comes the fun fact, the whole of Delhi is divided into two parts- New Delhi and Old Delhi, and both the part are opposite of each other and both their specialty. Here one place shows the development is done part of the place and another place connected to its tradition and history, and entirely it shows all the things and versatility in variety in one place.

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Omaxe Chandni Chowk Delhi

What is this about

So, talking about the new project going on in Delhi, and particularly in Old Delhi. It is a huge commercial project going on in Chandini Chowk in Delhi, and it is going to change the whole face of Chandini Chowk just by its presence. It is a big commercial being constructed on a land of 4.6 acres, which will have so many shopping centers, food courts, restaurants, parking areas, kid zone, play zone, and all the required things by a mall. While changing the face of Chandini Chowk, it will keep the place connected with their culture and tradition at the same time. The whole place is designed in a traditional theme, and the interiors inside it will be of the Mughal tradition, which will not let the place forget its roots. This major project is named as OMAXE Chandini Chowk.

Where will it be?

IfIt has the best location in all terms. Suppose looking for the business terms, then it the best location for all as it will be surrounded by all the main shopping markets of Delhi, such as- Chandini Chowk, Meena Bazaar, Johri Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar. Also, it will be the one catching the eye of the tourists as, it is situated very to several tourists and heritage spots like- Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Gauri Shankar Mandir, and many more places. The transportation facilities are also good as it located near a couple of metro stations, so near that it can be called as walking distance. So, reaching that place will not a problem.

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What will it have?

There will be all required facilities arranged for the safety and convenience of the visitors, such as- high security, power charging points, banks, ATMs, fire fightings, lifts, escalators, car lifts, full mall air-conditioned, and many more such things. This mall will be adding a lot of charm to Chandini Chowk and Delhi. It will be adding another tourist spot in Delhi and increasing its popularity more. It will stand as one of the most beautiful malls in the country. The walkthrough gallery and the walls are prepared very beautifully. Aesthetic and ancient pictures and artworks will also be added for increasing the touch of the culture and tradition and beautify it more.

Business points-

The registration and booking of the shops are still being done. There are prices fixed for every shop, and yes, the shops on the ground floor are more expensive than the shops on the topmost floor. As the floor increases, the price of the shop decreases. There will be a lot of tourist and customer movement around because the OMAXE Chandini Chowk is located at the largest shopping hub of Delhi. Business and shopping go hand in hand. So, the location can never be better for the mall. As the mall is being constructed at such a higher level for every aspect, so the prices of the shops are quite high, but it is a deserving price. There is an option of buying it on EMI, but the rate of EMI is also different for different floors.


It is a mixture of Mughal, Indian, and British architecture, which is rated as a five-star building. The eco-friendly and green facilities for every resource makes it more attractive. Chandini Chowk had been so famous since history is known and now will have its name mentioned in the present developments of Delhi. The OMAXE Chandini Chowk is going to add a lot more level to Delhi’s development. It is already the fastest-growing place, and now it will achieve more heights. The retail business hub will gear up with this mall, as no one compete Chandini Chowk in the retail and wholesale business. For more information and details about OMAXE Chandini Chowk, the below-mentioned links can be found helpful. Even for contacting purposes, the required points can be found.


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