Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of the website is subject to the terms of the user agreement and site policy. Please read the privacy policy of the website before using or browsing the website. 

All personal information shared on the website by users is highly secured and not shared with any 3rd parties without the owner’s consent. Details of a general nature would be revealed for assistance and help.

All efforts are made to keep the information of the users protected. The user’s details are only shared and displayed on the website after prior permission from the owners.  

Users of the website will be held responsible for maintaining the ID and password's privacy and confidentiality. Users will be held responsible for all the transmissions and activities performed on the website. Users are responsible for offline and online truncations that involve card details and other forms of instruments and documents.

The website takes no responsibility for the improper usability of the information, like card details used for offline and online transactions. 

Users are always allowed not to share or provide their information. The website collects information from the users to offer a customized browsing experience. Users are suggested to complete the registration and provide details about their preferences related to the property they are searching for. According to the details shared, the website will share details and access the relevant information that caters to the need of the users. 

The website fully complies with the standards of applicable laws of India. The website works in collaboration with all enforcement inquiries. The website is authorized to share all or part information of the users when demanded by the law enforcement authorities or during a need to prevent the law's breaching. 

The company follows strict guidelines and takes reasonable measures to ensure the user’s information's highest safety. The website takes no liability for the advertisements on the website. It is the sole responsibility of the users to research the displayed advertisement.

Third-party vendors, including Google, display ads on different sites. The website and the vendor use 1st party cookies to optimize, inform, and serve ads based on past behavior and visits. 

The website may capture the users' IP address, and their device and all details are saved into the system in the form of cookies. However, users are allowed to decline or accept the website's cookies by making changes in the browser’s settings. 

Users browsing the website are not required to reveal their identity or share their details. Registration on the website is necessary if full access to the website is required. The website uses the users' details to enhance the promotional and marketing efforts and analyze the site usages to enhance the content and offerings.

The website's privacy policies are subject to change with or without any prior notice when the company thinks suitable. It is suggested that users check the website's privacy policy before browsing or accessing the services of the website. Users may approach the company's legal team for any issues or queries related to the privacy policy and breaching of the information.