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By innovative | 21 Sep, 2021

DLF will add six retail hubs to its portfolio, totalling 2.3 million square feet

As part of its expansion plan, DLF said recently that it would build six new retail locations across critical cities totalling 2.3 million square feet. It would also open two office retail locations in Chennai and Gurugram, dubbed The Hub and Cyber Park.

Patto Plaza, a 0.3 million square foot premium shopping mall, would be DLF's entry into the Goa market. The expansion "signifies DLF's continuous growth not only in Delhi NCR but also throughout India with newer locations such as Chennai and Goa." said by DLF in a statement.

DLF's Managing Director (Rental business), Sriram Khattar, mentioned its aspirations to extend its retail mall portfolio in a recent conference call with analysts.

When approached, Pushpa Bector, Executive Director of DLF Retail, stated that the expansion would take about 2-3 years to complete.

With these six sites, DLF Retail plans to encompass 6.5 million square feet of modern retail space. According to the announcement, the development will focus on providing focused and curated retail and F&B areas and cultural events.

Executive Director of DLF Retail Pushpa Bector said that with the introduction of premium neighbourhood plazas they were creating a new line of growth stated. These will enhance the quality of our DLF customers' lives by complementing our premium residential complexes. Goa is an exciting market, and our premium product will enhance the lifestyle experience of urban Goans. DLF has been at the forefront of expanding retail offerings in the office sector, and DLF Cyber Park and The Hub will continue this trend."

With 673 individual brands DLF Malls boasts 4.2 million square feet of retail space across its malls, including over 300 foreign and 168 F&B outlets, as well as 26 movie screens. Its eight premium and luxury properties in Delhi-NCR and Gurgaon have signed 158 prominent brands across all categories.